Design Process

My earliest designs were inspired by sailboats (so I named my website "Sailingglass"). Since then, many more design ideas have come from nature in all its forms.  Photos sent to me by clients are another great source of inspiration!  If you would like me to design and build a window, lamp or other stained glass item for you, please send me a message using the "contact me" page on this website. 


Using software called "Glass Eye," I can create drawings quickly for your review and comment, and make needed changes easily. The photos below illustrate this process. The first is a snapshot my client took in 1987, showing her sons fishing from a dock at the Jersey Shore. Next is the initial drawing I sent to her, along with a pricing estimate.  The third photo shows the finished window. See if you can spot the four changes/additions my client suggested, by comparing the initial drawing to the finished window!


1987 snapshot


Initial drawing for client review 

A few weeks later, the final window (photographed before installation)